Professional Year

The Australian Professional Year (Professional Year) is a 44-52-week (one-year) internship course (including professional knowledge and Australian employment-related knowledge and 12-week internship in Australian companies) to help graduates familiarize themselves with Australian employment-related knowledge, laws and regulations, while mastering basic work knowledge and skills and knowledge of communication and collaboration with colleagues and superiors through practice. At the same time, professional year courses teach job search skills, such as how to organize a resume and how to apply for a job. Australian students can migrate to Australia more easily if they can find a job in Australia.

To apply for a professional year course, you need to firstly apply for graduate visa (subclass 485). Graduates who wish to migrate to Australia, but do not have the requisite points in the points test, can study for a professional year to obtain an additional 5 points in the Australian skilled migration points test.

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